LP live 2017+ Honoring Chester at Hollywood Bowl


Nobody knows?


This is in their FAQ -
Q: How many tickets are we able to purchase per order during the early access?
A: All shows have a ticket limit of 4 per code.


thank you!


Holy Moly they’re coming to London…

I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna


3 new UK shows announced:


I have been waiting for this for a very long time, over many years and now I can meet my 6 favourite men in music. :grinning:


So stoked for the UK shows!


OK, I’m opening out several question to everyone on here as this will be my first time of doing it.

  1. How does a meet and greet work (the process of it)
  2. With me being purchasing the Merchandise Package of this this years LPU, does this mean that I can get meet and greets and what does it mean by “Membership Not Included”?

If I can get answers back please, that would be awesome. Thanks


There are other threads with this info but in short:

  1. There’s a contest for LPU members, it’s a random draw, you just gotta be lucky to get selected.
  2. Merch means well, merch; no membership.


Sooooooo excited!!! =D


Thanks for the reply. It has helped a lot. :+1:


I already see that the Pre-Sale code (for Amsterdam) is in my account.
How does this work? On monday 3rd I just log in on ticketmaster and buy a ticket the regular way?
Or will there be a separate link to click on?


I think there’s a special link on the pre-sale page


Aah yes I saw it. Thanks.


Does anyone know how much standard tickets are for London…


I paid about £77 for a normal pit ticket. The ticket itself is about 62. The rest I think is some kind of tax and a 5.50 delivery.

You can see the prices on ticketmaster once you select a type of ticket. Look for some small blue links near the top of the page just above the dropdowns where you actually buy it.


The darned ticketmaster website keeps acting up. Here’s hoping it won’t do that Friday morning… :confused:


Yeah I went on livenation (pre-sale started today) i’m gonna most like opt for a seat ticket as my partner can’t stand for lengthy periods of time
may even opt for the tickets further back, can still hear the music and can kinda see the band lol (thoses tickets are about £50 plus £3 booking fee)


If you’re getting seated why not bring a pair of binoculars?



i should shouldnt i lmao