LP live 2017+ Honoring Chester at Hollywood Bowl


I’m being serious, if you’re gonna be seated and relatively far away it makes sense.


I got floor tickets :slight_smile:


I would love to get floor tickets but at £70 a pop way outside my price range
Can barely afford the far far back seated tickets lmao


Awwww, yeah I know the prices are mad crazy but I rarely buy seated tickets :smiley: So to me, the 65 euros was crazy but doable.


I wish there was another western city possibly in alberta for there upcoming tour. We kinda felt like we lost out on the last tour because of cancelled dates.


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I know i asked but who is going to london again lol

Ohhhh and question

What song do you think they will open with?

Do you think they will open straight with a song from OML or do you think they would rather get everyone pumped with something a little heavier


Opening with a OML song would be a nice surprise


I want NMS as the opening song again. Or the long intro (2007 version) of OSC.


I think that APFMH will be a good comeback on the setlist as I think they will be looking for some balance between the new and the old songs and styles. That being said I won’t be surprised if the just keep GATS as the opener.

I just really wish if they keep Burn It Down to be the acoustic/piano version from this year, I like it a lot!


they stopped playing GATS because Rob and Brad hurt themselves while playing it


How? Did they get into a physical fight mid song over who played better? :joy:


LOL, no I think it was about Brad hurting his wrist and Rob hurting his back or something. Mike mentioned it in an LPU chat some time ago


So, today was the Maximus Festival Argentina. They opened with The Catalyst and played 4 OML songs (including Talking to myself, which I believe wasn’t divulged before). The rest was a mix of 2 or 3 songs of the old albuns. All in all I believe it was very balanced. There’s a new version for Castle of Glass, I believe, quite like the Recharged version.


I badly WANT A CONCERT!!! Still no dates here though :sob:


What a nice set! So glad SIB is back and from what I’ve heard, OSC is 2007 style, my absolute favourite! Great way to kick off the tour! :smiley: Now, let’s see what kind of changes they’ll do for the headline shows.


I listened to Good Goodbye on youtube and prefered it live with Mike Rapping in 2 verses

Guessing this is what it was most likely going to be like of stormzy said no…


Just watched a large portion of the Argentina show, what a tragic disappointment. The only good songs were LOATR (great intro) and ITE (epic crowd).


Setlist of yesterday is the same as in Chile. So I guess this will be the setlist for this summer, with some few additions in upcoming dates.

I’m really happy with the second part.

Does LP change the setlist during the tour?