LP live 2017+ Honoring Chester at Hollywood Bowl


Festivals and concerts setlists are usually different


After recent events that has happened, me and my partner have decided for my own safty NOT to attend the London Concert July 3rd

My thoughts and preys go out to Manchester


That’s a shame. I’m sorry you and your partner feel the need to cancel going.


It’s very understandable
I think not going has to cross everyone’s mind at some point but when something like this happens obviously it forces you to prioritize

I’m sorry to hear you’re cancelling too but it’s best to go with your gut sometimes… the unfortunate world we live in :frowning2:


Just decided to buy tickets to the London gig…tbh haven’t really listened to lP since the third album came out but after sadly seeing Chester at the funeral of Chris cornell I thought I used to like them when I was about 19 so life’s too short ! Up in the top tier at the O2 which sucks a bit but hopefully it’s OK…what sort of ages go to see LP these days …will I be the only old man there…(36)!


I’m 27 though I probably feel older than iam :joy:


You’re in for a shock if you haven’t heard the new stuff.


I heard a bit and it sounds a bit rubbish tbh but I’m hedging my bets on them being decent live


If MTM is the last thing you heard I’ll summarise for you from my perspective:

A Thousand suns - Very underrated album, probably one of their best, has a lot of electronic instruments almost not metal, but still great.

Living Things - A couple of good songs, not that heavy, kinda forgettable, it’s just some album.

Recharged - Like what Reanimation is to Hybrid Theory only (10x10^600) times worse, revolting in every way. It’s a load of EDM remixes of songs from Living Things that the band themselves didn’t even do as far as I recall.

The Hunting Party - Finally back to the heavy stuff, not quite nu metal but still great, takes some getting used to after their other stuff. Not much else to say about it really.

One More Light - Very controversial among fans, I initially hated it but I’m coming around. Full on pop sound but with deep lyrics, has a few standout songs.

There’s also been a bunch of LPU albums but it’d be too long to sum up and they’re not necessary to paint a picture of what you’ve missed.


You forgot The Hunting Party. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops…proceeds to edit


Imo concerts are the safest public events you can go to at the moment


How exactly are concerts safe? Have you seen what’s happening?


Is that sarcasm?


Yup, they couldn’t enter inside, so they detonated outside when the most amount of people were leaving.

Years ago, people I know wonder why I don’t try to leave a concert venue as quickly as possible; I was usually part of the last one-third to leave. (Now they can answer it themselves.)


Special forces are usually at every concert in here. After the Nord-Ost theatre terract( btw, no one really knows what gas have the spec forces used to neutralize the terrorists and how many doses of antidote they had for the innocent people)


No…lots of security and police presence at large music events at the moment…this gig is only in a few weeks time in central London…they’ll be a huge police presence…I wouldn’t worry and dont let what has happened recently put anybody off having a great time


It didn’t in the first place.


@the_termin8r you weren’t going in the first place, were you?


No, I am going, it’s that I don’t really care about the remote possibility of being blown up by a retard.