LP live 2017+ Honoring Chester at Hollywood Bowl


I was more pointing towards the person who said they weren’t going because they didn’t feel safe…until two weeks ago I don’t think it crossed many peoples minds…


I thought you mentioned that your parents are the worst parents ever?


I’m old enough lol. They actually let me go the last time they were here but tickets were sold out. Also I might have exaggerated a bit to get my point across.


They can bypass security, it’s easier than you think.


Huh, they had to evacuate RAR tonight due to a threat. Safe concerts my a**.


Oh yeah, I heard about that. Hope everyone is OK :heart:️:metal::+1:


No doubt it’s just a precaution and anyhow a festival in a big field is somewhat different to an arena.


Well, I’m not going to any this year.


I’m not doing an M&G.


To be honest it was more my partners worry and how she didnt want to be the one to tell our 5yr old son and 8yr old daughter that their daddy isn’t coming home from something that daddy was supposed to go and enjoy

I have to respect the feelings of her over my own willingness to want to go
With that being said, i think she is starting to see sense that even by me going to work there is no certainty that i would return so I MIGHT go after all


Are they going to announce more shows soon? I have never seen Linkin Park live, I really want to go to one of their shows, but they haven’t announced any shows in my country yet.


I hope so. I need a concert


live stream from Rock Werchter starts in 15 minutes!



This was my first LP show, my first show of my favourite band and even my music concert!
In a way, I’m glad that I went to it and I can look back at the memories I have from the night I went to it but in another way I feel sorry for all the fans who haven’t seen them the band live.


Yep!) What do u think about this?


When and were is the show i love to see them live


Check the OP. I will use the hyperlink once I get to my laptop and stable connection. Plus I can’t change the topic title for some reason.


I haven’t heard about Steve Aoki taking part in it. Will he be there? Just wondering


I don’t know and I’m wondering it too, he’s playing around these days so maybe…