LP Live Tonight (Sept 8) on AXS.TV!


some of you may not know that tonights show Sept 8, in Carson CA, will be broadcast Live on AXS.tv ( formerly HDNET) at 10pm ET. so a heads up for those who are not able to make it and for those who just want to watch like myself.

i have directv and its channel 306, so enjoy!


Oh, I’am not able to watch it at that time :frowning:
I hope, there is anybody out here, who record the broadcast :slight_smile:


I’m going to be in the pit, so damn amped.


Does anybody know what channel it’s on for Time Warner Cable??


I saw them last night at the shoreline in mt.view and am going to see their broadcast tonight. LP killed their set last night. I wish I could go again but seeing them on t.v will have to do.


Can we watch this online? I’m on the link Mike put on Twitter - locateTV…
Thx friends :slight_smile:


anyone have a stream channel for share? [smile]


STREAM: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hdpr3


On the Website :slight_smile:


good!! :wink:


Haha, sorry, which website?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, oh ‘hello’…blind blind thx!





These commercials suck


Commercials totally suck! But I love watching this show again!!! :smiley:


Dam I never get tired of watching Thez guys r hearing Chester’s AMAZING voice goosebumps everytime …poor Chester it sounds like he could use a lil break I bet that throat of his is so sore


Did anyone get the DSP or Download clad for the show? I never saw it on the screens before or in between bands.


Did any of you guys record it?


Oh yeah, I also hope anybody has a youtube link, plz [heart]


It was great! too bad the mics weren’t loud enough