LP Manila Concert + Happy New Year


Well Happy New years guys…

Finally got it done, enjoy!
Linkin Park Live in Manila Full Concert 2013

Thanks to LPU and Linkin Park Philippines for helping me out gathering the video and getting the word out there.

Thanks too alll
Ariel Cortez aka aluaman, Daisy Manzanal-Cortez, Alfonso Inigo S. Ballesca
semiseryoso aka wels, BrandonBoydSON, papanttube, djnoctis, cutesijane
darenmay, Mystic Ylem aka mellfatal, iriz evangelista, Christina Doroin, jusfer08
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Happy New year!


wow!!! is this the gift you were talking about on our thread?!!

great!!! thanks much[cool][cool]


yeah that’s the gift i was talking about …and i hope all you guys enjoy it


Awesome video.

This proves how passionate Filipino LP fans are.
I hope the LP team sees this and consider coming back soon in the Philippines.

Happy new year to all fans out there!


It is awesome! Thanks for bringing back the best of my 2013 memories!


bidang bida ang lolo!


i was there!! hahaha thanks for sharing… funny beginning



Im sorry for reviving this old topic… but i have reuploaded the video…

When I made this video in 2013 I worked on this on and off in about 5 months with my blood, sweat and tears, past 3 floods in my house, losing a family member.

When I finally finished I shared this on LPU, LP Philippines, FB and you guys shared it around that it passed over 500k views in 2 years. I never made any money from this In Fact the revenue went to Warner Bros. Label. Linkin Parks Label. I even asked here on LPU and they said the band members actually likes it when fans makes videos for other fans to enjoy. All this video did was let new and old fans get an experience even if this is not a pro shot video with amazing audio.

So after it just reached 526,736 views 2 years later WMG made youtube take it down. It made all our filipino fans sad and i got flooded with messages to why it was gone. I did my best to try and contact people that might help but did not help.

There was talk of an official live concert video was in the works but it never came. So this is the only record… no the only memory of the best concert of LP in the Philippines is this video.

I do wish this video does not get taken down anymore. Let be here forever because I will never delete this.

If Ever Linkin Park band members sees this please let it be on youtube don’t take it down it will break our hearts all over again.
Also you guys was so awesome in the concert, And I do hope you guys come back to the Philippines.