LP Meet and Greet Lanxess Arena Cologne 6/11/14


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share my experience first time meeting the guys.
I’m from Belgium, so I rode about 3 hours to get there. My boyfriend and my dad had ordered normal tickets, but I had ordered the premium package. The first obstacle was to find out where to find the ‘Will Call’ ticket, which was kind of confusing. We had gotten there at around 14 h, because I had recieved an email telling me to check in before 17h.
Once we finally found the box office to pick up my ticket, we waiting for someone by the name of Becker to arrive, which took her about 1h30. Frustrating becauce she got there after 17h. But no panic, once she got there it kind of went quickly.
As soon as I got my ticket, I hurried to get in line. Then some crew called us over to a different line for the premium package deal. Man, it was cold!
Inside we got our Laminate, some guitar picks and (don’t know the name :-/ ) something you sowe on your shirt or whatever :smiley:
Then our on site host, Justin, escorted us by the merch first, giving us the first chance to buy something, which off course I did :smiley:
Eventually we got up some stairs, where he told us to be back at 19h50 for the meet and greet, but untill then we could go anywhere we wanted to. It was amazing! Nice sandwiches, and cool drinks to snack on.
Too bad I was alone there, it would’ve been different, but I don’t think it would have been more fun though :smiley: I met some nice LPU’ers because I was alone. Cheers to you guys!
Then the big moment! I was surprized at how calm I was. I use to think I would completly freak out, but then I realized, they’re just normal men, who make amazing music, who inspire you to be and be better, and who encourage me to be creative.
This girl told us to stand in a U form, and be ready. When the guys would arrive, they would just join in for the photo. So we all got ready, waiting for them to came through the doors. But a few moments became minutes, and well, they arrived at 19h30 or something, but no sweat, it was funny waiting for them. All around me were grunts of pain from sitting on their knees, or feet. LOL, I joined them!

Then they came throught the door, and we gave them the big welcome they deserved!
I was in the front row, on my knees. Brad and Chester came to sit in front of us. But the girls next to me were blocked like that, so Brad put himself down :smiley: After the picture we were informed to spread out against the wall so the guys could come around.
I had drawn a wolf pack, ‘The Hunting Party’ for them to sign. Rob was the first to come with me, and he wanted to put his sign. just anywhere, but then I asked him to sign his wolf :wink: Brad had sneeked up behind him, thankfully putting his sign with the right wolf. I don’t know if he knew or not, but I’m reall happy :smiley: Then Chester came to pass.
After greeting him, ( he’s really friendly btw!) he said he saw the ressemblance ;-D
Next was MR. Hahn, he was very friendly, I was kind of afriad of him first :smiley: LOL
He actually looked at it, asked where to sign and said it looked awesome. Thanks Joe!
Phoenix was next, and he looked at it the longest.
He asked me which style it was. So I said it was just my style. He said it kind of looked like robotronic meets Disney :smiley: I’ll take that as a complement :smiley:
Last was Mike ; who was really energic! He asked me which was the Phoenix wolf. He went on to sign the fan next to me, and asked ‘which one is me again?’, so I pointed as said this one. ‘That’s the best one’ He smiled.
And then they were off. It was short, but totz worth it for me. They are amazing artists, and I’ll never forget how cool they are. I couldn’t imagen walking into a room filled with people you don’t know, and talk to everyone of them.
Luckely there was a fan who sat where I sat, and he helped me get there. Thanks!
The show was AMAZING, MIND BLOWING. I was kind of sad I hadn’t gotten standing places, because it was filled with so much energy!

Thanks LP, for the most special experience up to now!


awesome experience. Do you know if you’re still allowed to bring different items for each band member? I have a meet and greet in albany. Thanks


Normally it’s not allowed (see http://lpunderground.com/meetLP):

[quote]Is it possible to have different items signed by different band members? (For example: Fort Minor CD to be signed by Mike, Dead By Sunrise CD to be signed by Chester, Transformers toy to be signed by Joe and so on).
To make the process easier and quicker, we would ask that you please only bring ONE item, however you may bring more than one and have each band member sign a different thing. Again, the band, other LPU members, and the crew would appreciate it if you could keep it to ONE item.[/quote]


Awesome story! thanks for sharing!!


well you can do it since the m&g changed (no more tables, you stay with the others in a kinda U form and the members come by