LP meets Jurassic Park


I heared Steven Spielberg makes a new movie :wink:

funny, no one came with this idea already…[biggrin][biggrin]


LMAO! Ok this is awesome and hilarious!! The second one fits more with the t-rex profile for me for some reason. Like it’s stalking something, lol!


to be honest
never seen the movies 8D
but looks cool


no u didnt!!!

the second one is the best one out of the two pictures. my favorite jurassic park movie is the first one :3


it fits so much! :smiley:
i lllllike it)


LOL that is pretty funny = )


i like the second one…




The name of this thread really grabbed my attention when I saw it on the forums. I love this original idea and the artwork too xD.


Thats awsome this should be the theme of the next album! lol


Haha! Cool! The second one is better.