Lp mystery bundle


Anyone ordered this and shipped/received yet? Ordered large bundle 1 month ago and haven’t received. It said order fulfilled in LP store but the shipping company only received the electronic transmission of shipment details. Just wondering how long a shipment will normally take so that I can manage my expectation. Thanks.


Yes, mine arrived already 4 weeks ago, was very quick delivered this time, like in a week or so…


Depends where you live and the type of shipping you chose. If it was tracked, contact the courier company, if not contact the store if you feel like it should have arrived by now.


I chose the expedited/tracked one and the courier company requested me to contact the shipper for assistance. Anyone knows how can I contact the store?



Hi @cyong ! My bundle took almost 4 weeks to arrive and I had to pick it up at customs… my tracking site didn’t worked. So the only information I had received, that the sipping information was send to UPS. That’s all and then it was there. So I think you will receive it soon! :+1:


thx for all the replies, just received my order :slight_smile: @OneMoreLight2017 the tracking site didn’t worked for me as well.


Enjoy, so what was it?