Lp needs more votes @loudwire music awards


Hi,soldiers!! how are you all?? is everyone aware we need to vote more for linkinpark…please lets vote every hour,they deserve to win. #most devoted fans is far behind :frowning: we need Chester to win #BestVocalist,he’s the best ever and he deserves it,he sang with a broken wrist also a broken ankle :frowning: They seemed to be winning in other categories but now the others have passed them ahead :’( PLEASE VOTE… THEY DESERVE TO BE WINNERS EVERYWHERE!!! they’re already winners but let them take home more trophies this time again :wink: PROUD TO BE AN LPSOLDIER!! :heart_eyes:


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ohh. I didnt see that. :smile:joined lastnight and i’m still explloring around. but thankyou :wink: :heart_eyes: