LP Rio de Janeiro 08/10/12


I created this thread for everyone to tell their experiences on the show that took place on 08/10/12 in Rio de Janeiro, Citibank Hall. It was a great show, for me the best of the tour and one of the best ever made by the the band. Contains how was the show for you, I can only describe as perfect, one of the best days of my life.


brazilians are the best fans ;p


it was the best concert of my entire life… the setlist, the crowd was incredibly amazing, the energy, everything was so fucking perfect! It was definitely the best concert that Linkin Park ever made :wink:


Was amazing, the best day of my life , surely!




It was amazing! I want more shows in RIO! :smiley:


this concert was better than the other one in Rio.


well, i went to which show of which tour they did in Brazil. i went to SP twice, when they played at Morumbi and when they played in SWU, and i went to both shows that they did in Rio. And I can propriety saw that the frist show that they did here in Rio was the best one!! The Morumbi show was very especial because it was the frist time they came to Brasil, they played all the best musics they have, but the show in Rio was something impossible to explain!! Especially when we asked for crawling and Chaz sang a cappella!! I got goose bumps at that moment, and now to just for remmember that!!
And i’m pretty sure that now that they notice that we, LP fans from Rio, are great fans, they’ll gonna come back soon and more often!! [smile]