LP Scotland or UK tour


Anyone think apart from Download next year LP will announce more dates in the UK specifically Scotland? Really want them to come to Glasgow


Hope so, was meant to be an upcoming UK tour when Living things was released, dont think that happened.


They done a European tour but never came to the UK which is a shame because I missed the ATS tour sadly.


Ah ok, hopefully they’ll come back soon then


well, i hope so and im pretty sure they will… don’t see the point of them JUST coming to download, and only performing once in one country? they haven’t had a uk show in 3 years, so im pretty sure they’ll do a tour :3


I really hope they do! I’ve only seen them once before and that was at Download yearrrrs ago. I wanna get some use out of the laminate!


I think they will this year, last time i saw them was 2011. I really hope they do with the new album coming out and everything. Fingers tightly crossed aye :slight_smile:


As we know, they’ll start with a festival tour in Europe for June (and part of July maybe). So if there are any possible festivals (besides Download) in UK around that time, they might confirm one/some of them at some point. I doubt they’ll do many arena dates in Europe this summer (Something likely for late 2014 or 2015). If they do any UK arena dates I definitely see one or two of them happening at the O2 in London.