Lp summit ticket :d cape town


Morning guys.

Seems like I am the first to get my LPU Summit ticket for Cape Town.

Although I had to pay full price even though I am a full LPU Member. Not to sure how this works?



What time did the tickets become available and where did you buy it? Also did you get a option to buy a shirt?


Hi De–Wet… I just purchased it an hour ago. It seems like they just opened it for like 30 mins or so. Yes, there were two options one for $50 and one for $75 dollars. The $75 one had a shirt included. However, when I picked the one, it asked me for my CC details… And when I pay t it in $50 went off my account :frowning:


How did u get it dude? Weren’t tickets supposed to go on sale at 9am today?


IT seems as they were busy testing everything and i slipped in :stuck_out_tongue:




Lucky dude! I’m not even seeing it on the home page. Guess they still busy with maintenance


all of u live in cape town or no… are you traveling there jus to meet them an goin to the concert


Hi there. Im flying down to Johannesburg for this : )


Lucky buck!!!

I missed that window by a quick snooze …been watching the site since 1am!


Its almost time though :smiley:


whee do they show up?? on the home thread??


Scare the hell out of me! I thought I missed it now!


Hi There how did you manage that


scroll up and read


How do you know if you going??? is it just that sign up and then its done???


site up yet? still nothing


whats with the $50 price tag - thought its free for full LPU members??


Just go… get the ticket!!! They will sort this out later!!!



Got mine, the discount is applied after checkout, woot!