LP Toolbox Project


Im not very artistic, I can try but not in my nature? I can’t create videos or artwork like many of the talented folks on here so I thought I’d do something a bit more practical in memory of Chester that I’ll carry around on a daily basis

Hope you guys like :nerd_face: (ps spray paint fumes are fun :joy:)




Thats nice!! :slight_smile:


Thank you :blush:


I liked it. The time spent was worth it.


did you paint it?


Yes painted the box then the soldiers and logo and words then sprayed it with a clear coat


its really nice :blush:


I love it :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Why did you say that don’t have talent? This is art!street art!I like it so much! :smile: :star_struck:


Agreed with you @lpfan61


Paint fumes are indeed fun. :joy: Great paintjob.


Wow nice paint art …


I’d say this is art :smiley:


Thank you everyone :grin:
I’m glad it is well liked here :slightly_smiling_face:


I like it very much! That looks so cool! And the box is also practical for storing things. Keep it up!