LP tracks too short


I was lucky to win LP M&G lottery at Manchester 22 Nov 2014 and had a discussion with Chester and Mike about the length of their tracks. I feel that 5 or 6 minutes is too short and that they should consider an epic 25 minute track. I’m not knocking their music or existing tracks but do feel that they could create a piece of work that you can really loose yourself in. You listen to Iridescent or A Line In The Sand and you want it to carry on. With LPU music release I’m sure many fans would purchase a CD with a 25 minute track on it !


Not really. That would be boring. I find long tracks (6min and longer) boring, especially if the music just continues and nothing exciting happen. If I wanted long tracks I’d be listening to Metallica or Opeth or something.


Have you ever listened to Endless dream by Yes? I’m not a big fan of long tracks but that’s a good one. About LP we should just wait for the next great album. :relaxed:


Or you can just listen to an album like A Thousand Suns front to back and consider that one long track (as it was intended to be).

Twenty-five minutes sounds more like the length of an album rather than a song. I can understand if they take a song and experiment and play around with different options in the live show.

Bleed It Out’s a classic example of taking one of their shorter songs, and overtime, playing with a number of different things in the live show ranging from drum solos on the intro and the bridge, to refrains and verses from other songs (and epic mash-ups with A Place For My Head and Sweet Child O’ Mine).

Sometimes if a song is too long, people will tend to skip over it if and when it shows up on their media player. An example of that for me is the song “Deathbed” by Relient K. Don’t get me wrong, they’re one of my favorite bands, but after a while, a song like this just tends to drag, and after a while it loses some of it’s stability.


Here’s another example of an average song extended for a live show:


I felt the songs were fine like decades ago, but now they feel way too short. Maybe it is because I am older now and time moves faster. Did you know that when you are older time moves faster? If you adjust for this, you should have your midlife crisis in your early twenties.

25 minutes is too short. LP should have an 8 hour song. It would slowly move through a lot of genres of music but slowly. Like marathoning the Lord of the Rings.


I don’t like songs that are so long. It’s boring for me. I know a few titles like “In a gadda da vida” by Iron Butterfly (16 min.) or “Autobahn” by Kraftwerk (22 min.). I can’t listen to such an extended track. 6 minutes are fine for me.


I totally agree with you about A Thousand Suns. It is so cool how the songs bridge onto one another. The smallest sounds like crickets somehow transcend the songs but beyond that the songs don’t need to be much longer. Yes, the music could be longer sometimes the way songs are ruined is by overextension.


I was there on the 22/11/14!!! Great night! And I’m pretty sure there’s a video of you on YouTube asking mike and Chester about it, mikes response was classic. I’d listen to it either way, 2 mins or 25.


Time moves faster as you get older, because your life expirience grows constantly. You can say, that your past gets bigger year after year. But if you want to listen 8 hour songs, I’m afraid to ask, how old are you :smiley:


Hey guys I’m not asking for an 8 hour track…OK 25 minutes may be a bit too long, especially for you young fans !! :slight_smile: but I’m sure 10 or 12 minutes would work. I know that some tracks blend together to form longer pieces so lets have one longer track…


Yeh great night - and captured forever on youtube !!


:metal: yes it was!!!