LP Underground 12 CD


Anyone knows where I can find LPU 12 CD? It’s not available at the LPU store anymore :expressionless:


That sucks, I have no idea. :frowning:
Hopefully it will appear in the store again… Maybe ask Lorenzo about it?
Good luck!


Maybe… it sucks, there is LPU5 from 2005 in store, but there isn’t CD from 2012… It was only 2 years ago! (ok, it’s 2015, but it’s beginning of 2015)


The LPU 12 cd is still available in the store, I just checked. The digital edition anyways… if you want a physical copy wait a couple of months and see if they’ll restock it here or search eBay.


I know about digital version of LPU12. I don’t want digital music, it sucks :smile: