LP Underground 16 Available Now!


Sorry dude, you’re a bit late :slight_smile:


Anyone have an LPU 16 CD they’d sell? Would love to get one to complete my collection.

Chris Elliott


Waiting for the May contest to come;)


Hi guys. Just want to ask if I can use Paypal instead of credit card to pay for membership fee and to avail merch in the future? I’m from the Philippines by the way. Thanks!


Can’t quite remember but for sure you can pay in any kind in the official store. Maybe LPU too


Any idea if/when there’ll be LPU 17 this year?


@lorenzoerr Perhaps Lorenzo could help?


Yeah, I sent my question to him via Twitter, so we’ll just have to wait if he replies :smiley:


I really hope so. I need this community to continue to exist.


I think LPU 17 will happen and will be dedicated to Chester Bennington and proceedings from the membership to be donated to the One More Light Fund…possibly…


I really hope that they renew the LPU! If not this year then next year.


It would be really awesome if the CD could be made available again. I did buy the digital download and was very happy that the audio was in WAV format. (Are all of the digital downloads in WAV format?) But I would still love to have a CD copy, even if it’s a re-issue… it’s the only one missing from my collection.


Same, this one seems very hard to collect along with the LPU 12…