LP Underground 16 Available Now!


A little Question. Is there any way to see my orders after i purchased them? (like in my account or something)


You should have gotten an email with a link to the receipt, but I have not seen a page in account settings dedicated to past purchases


I told you, only a monumental idiot will pay for such shipping from the US, a monumental idiot or someone who’s got money to burn. It also most likely doesn’t include a ~£12 customs fee either. I wanted to buy all of the LPU CDs but they want me to pay for a membership AND the CDs AND a delivery AND customs. Come the fuck on!


Unless you mean past year’s CDs (which obviously you are going to have to pay separately for), you don’t have to buy this year’s separately. And I don’t think LPU has control over shipping and customs fees.


I know they have no control over customs but they do for shipping. Also they could at least offer a discount for the older CDs / downloads. All bands do this, they get greedy and charge stupid prices for things that die hard fans want and are daft enough to pay for, this sort of stuff happens everywhere.


Does anyone know when the “first wave” will approximately end? I really want the physical LPU16 cd with my membership renewal but don’t have the money right now. Is it already too late?


This is only a guess, but the packages say they will ship on the 28th of this month, so I would assume that might be the cutoff

Also, the new website design is live


I like the black and white design, plain yet nice. I have yet to listen to the cd though, I’m not sure if I want to.

@the_termin8r What customs fees? My family never paid for such a thing.


I think the conditions were if the package was over a certain mass or price from abroad (not including Europe I think) you have to pay a customs / import fee. I had to pay it with some of my RC parts from the US and other things I ordered time ago.


There’s some room for improvement, but I still like the design a lot. CD was pretty good, too. I love that you get the digital AND physical this year


wowwhat nice lil rainbow lines, coolstyle on first view :smiley:


Yes, I’m glad we get the cd, at least some of us. I wanna see if they’ll add the scarf later in the store as an item, maybe when 16 is over.

As for the cd itself, I loved like 3 songs, I thought BIO was funny and the others went kind of unnoticed.


LGM was just annoying to listen to, Burberry was cool and SOLR was good. SOLR reminds me of Mark the graves with a bit of The catalyst. The rest was meh.


Finally bought the package . I hope our postal service won’t loose it(btw , I’ll try one more time with my previously-bought merch. If it didn’t arrive to the local office , I’ll have to declare it as the lost one )


Wow! Love the new website! Hooray LPU16!!!




Yeah, I had some problems concerning this, but everything was solved.


For the ones who got the Deluxe Super Limited Ultra Power edition: do we need to do anything else to get the super limited items (the scarf flag etc)?


heuheuheuheuheu! :joy: :joy: :joy: Who came up with that name? It sounds like somebody scrolled through a thesaurus and picked a bunch of interesting sounding words. :joy:


What do you mean? If you purchased that bundle, those items are included.