LP Underground 16 Available Now!


Lorenzo, are the Super Deluxe packages sold out for good?


I’ve bought one yesterday and there’re still some available, aren’t they?


I promise we offer the best shipping rates that we can. We are also conscious of the packaging so you guys don’t get overcharged for large boxes. We also did a deep discount for all older LPU CDs. We do listen and want to give the best experience that we can.

Thanks for the support,

-Lorenzo / LPU HQ


nope - still available for now


All Deluxe Bundles come with the items listed in the description. You just have to redeem the digital membership separately. You should’ve received an e-mail.

-Lorenzo / LPU HQ


thank you guys, it is awesome -great job man! :smiley:


You are the man! Just ordered when I saw the email! Can’t wait to see you at some events in 2017!!!


When I looked they were gone, but when Lorezno responded they were available again. Got one! Thanks so much!


Yay, Santa came!!! I just upgraded my membership. I was a little confused on the coupon thing too, but now that I read this forum all is good. Looking forward to my first full year with LPU. :slight_smile:

Add In: Scratch that. The coupon is not working for anything. Anyone else having this issue?


What coupon? From the deluxe package?


@evooba Yes


You should have gotten an email with the code, instructions on how to redeem it should be provided.


@evooba Yup, clicked the link, followed the instructions, keeps telling it is not a fan club item. Really confused. I even tried it for the Digital Membership that was mentioned above.


I don’t know then. Maybe someone who has bought that package can help you, or even, email/tweet Lorenzo.


@evooba Good idea


You figure it out?


I think I’m going to buy it


@jfar920 No, I email and Tweeted Lorenzo. He’s or one his associated will look into it Monday.


Just to make sure you did everything correctly, you went to https://linkinpark.com/joinlpu and tried to buy the “LPU Digital Membership” for $10, right? After you attempt that, there will be an area to put your coupon code in


@jFar920 Yup, pretty much