LP Underground 16 Available Now!


I guess I shouldn’t have renewed so early. What a bummer https://linkinpark.com/lpu/store/bundles/11490/lpu-16-cyber-monday-bundle-24-hours-only


It doesn’t include the CD (digital or physical), though, so if you wanted that it’s better you got the other version


That’s true but I really wanted the scarf. :stuck_out_tongue:

"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

Hi Lorenzoerr, I really want to buy the LPU package, but still no shipping costs for Croatia (Europe)… Are you working on that or I have to find another way to get it? Also, if I buy it now, will I get a CD (physical copy) or it’s to late? Thanks.


Finally got mine!! I was having troubles in getting it.


Davey I would go and buy a gift debit card and use that instead of your actual bank debit card. For security reasons. I worked in banking and IT in the past and I NEVER use debit card online ever.


This. Use credit or paypal because if there’s a problem pay pal will sort it out unless you’ve been thick and it’s your fault.


Just got an email saying my package will be shipping soon


I just received mine as well.

Less than three weeks until Christmas.


I got one as well! Hope shipping is fast.


Got another email, package is being processed, getting ready to be shippe (I assume it will on Monday). Love it that it comes with a tracking number!


I haven’t gotten that one yet


Just curious, what does “Legacy Member” mean on my account?


The package they’re sending everything in even looks cool this year:

@cincybmxlpfreak You had an account before the website migration a few months back


Please I didn’t receive this email please I need to buy my tickets, I bought my deluxe bundle + membership for $ 89


According to your profile, you don’t have an active membership. Going off of what you said saying you got the Deluxe Bundle, I’m guessing you didn’t redeem the coupon code that (should have) got emailed to you for the membership. Here’s a rundown of how to redeem it if you’re confused:



Im sorry but i didn’t receive this email, only received my email order im
sending an image.

Please help me.


Joseph Dueñas


Did you receive any other emails around the same time? Maybe they changed the title to make it less confusing. If not, try to contact LPU support at LPUHQ@LPUNDERGROUND.com and they should be able to help you


Ah. Got it. Thanks! :+1:


If you haven’t received any notices of shipment yet please check your spam folder. There’s a chance it’s hiding there.