LP Underground 16 Available Now!


Guys, have your packages already shipped ?


Mine has, yes


Cool. My hasn’t …


What’s weird is that I got an email saying it would ship within 48 hours like a week ago and nothing has happened.




Mine arrived today! =)


Mine arrived in the mail today! But I still have a week to go.


Got mine as well



I still don’t have mine :sob:


Hey, since you are from the UK, was wondering how long does the package take to arrive, if you’ve gotten one before?


Well normally from America it takes about 2-3 weeks
But I havnt had an email since they said it was being processed but I’m hoping it’s just with it being so close to Christmas?


Οk, thanks! Mine took about a week to ship after I received the email about it being processed.


That usually means it’s at customs and it takes an eternity.


I got my email 7/12 :confused:


I’m sure yours will ship soon.


Got mine earlier today!

I’m really impressed by this year’s stuff. Now that I physically have everything, I can probably say this is my favorite year merchandise-wise.

The cover of the CD is a really cool idea, along with the pin. I’ve never really liked stickers that much (even though this also came with one) because I always end up regretting where I put them, so the pin is nice because you can move it around. Despite the dislike of stickers, I carefully removed the LPU sticker sealing the package because why not

Also a really nice decision, all the tiny items (sticker, pick, pin, letter, etc.) were put in their own sealed bag within the main package. In past years I know people have had issues with misplaced guitar picks, so hopefully this solves that


All my LP stickers haven’t been touched or stuck anywhere.


I put my LPU8 ones on a notebook in 7th grade that I eventually lost, and they were probably the ones I want the most now


Sweet! Packaging looks great this year, enjoy everything :slight_smile: