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Mine still hasn’t shipped… hope it will soon!


Hi everyone! This week I bougth a membership of US$ 89 but I don’t have to activate my account. I had to buy a membership of US$ 10 for access to tickets of the show in Chile. Please anybody help me. Thanks


You should have gotten an email with a coupon code to get the $10 membership for free if you purchased the Deluxe Bundle


I bougth the membership of US$10 with the coupon but the membership activated is the US$10.

Finally I bougth three times: a membership of US$ 89 (Charge on my Credit Card); a membership of US$ 10 (Charge on my Credit card) and a membership of US$ 10(free with the coupon).

How Can I activate the membership of US$ 89? O at the Same with the membership of US$10?

Thanks for your help jFar920. Apreciatte that!


Why did you purchase 3 memberships, you only need one. With the 3 purchases you should have 3 years of a membership now instead of one.

With the coupon they sent you of the $10 you simply activate your full membership, you didn’t have to buy another $10 one. And you don’t have to do anything to active the $89 one, it is the same thing.


I bougth 3 membership because When información bougth the first (US $ 89) it’s not activated and I need to buy the tickets for show Linkin Park in Chile. I didnt know that to activate the first membership I had that use the Coupon.


It was stated that you had to activate the membership, if you just hadn’t received an email, you should have contacted the HQ. Maybe contact them anyways to sort out the 3 memberships issue.


Mine shipped today!


Mines finally shipped!!! :grin:


Maybe they’ve started shipping European ones… @theearlywalker, what’s about your?


Possibly @evooba you had an email yet?


Mine was shipped last week.


My package arrived in the UK today (which is pretty fast if you ask me!), so I suppose it’ll arrive soon.


Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!


I think tomorrow is too early, I’m guessing sometime next week.


Well, that was fast. Early Christmas present to myself:

The tee is so so good, love the quality this year!


cool! how long did it take it to ship?)
(Mine processed the origin facility at LA yesterday evening)


Surprisingly it took only 1 week. It left the facilities in LA on the 17th, arrived in the UK yesterday and came to the house around 11:30am this morning. (And tracking was actually active the whole time)
I’m actually shocked it came so fast! It takes a month or more for stuff to get to Greece.


congrats, thats the real ghost of xmas …


The last update on tracking says: “processing completed at the origin facility” I think that means that it’s shipped on 23. So now I’ll wait