LP Underground 16 Available Now!



As I just said on Facebook, this might just be my favorite package yet.


It has arrived :raised_hands:t3:


Congrats… me still no confirmation email, but the bill already paid :joy: is this kinda normal?


I’m guessing so…where are you from?


Germany and :thinking: I guess for former orders I got one, did you get one?


did you get emailed a receipt?


7th October they said there were processing it, but I actually can’t find a confirmation one just a receipt


Thank you for the Info - Must have a Look now :wink:


No worries :+1:t3: Happy to help


Mine left sorting facility in Moscow today! Will take it when I’m home)) (9th or something )


UPD: moved to the local postal office. Tracking says that it’s on it’s way. I’ll be at home today , gotta check it out


Finally ! <3
I can’t compare it with previous packs, but I love the quantity of stuff


Hi all! I was out of the country and I unfortunately missed out on buying the first wave of LPU 16 membership. I was wondering if anyone here would like to sell their LPU16 CD? I have all the LPU (1-15) hard copies CDs and I really would like to add LPU 16 into my collection. Please PM if you decide to sell your CD. Many thanks!!


You could check eBay or discogs or something.


I already checked eBay and discogs. No luck at all :cry:


finally hm? Mine arrived today too, thought they deliever a pair of sneaker for my daughter, then saw the sticker :heartpulse: was soooo nice feel :smiley:
The scarf and the tee are high quality, the design of the tee a lil bit like XIV… but the cotton sooo cuddly, niiicest…
the pin is very great, it s on my Winterjacket already, and the sticker? Probably the car… my xmas today


Congrats :blush::hugs:


Question! If anyone can help me, it says out of stock, but is it coming back in stock anytime soon? The 89 dollar package?


That was a limited package, I’m not sure they’re bringing it back.


Then why still list it?