LP Underground 16 Available Now!


I’d love to win this and if I don’t, where can I buy some of these w/o a signature.


So, has anyone NOT received an LPU 16 package yet? I never received the packages they sent in December, so they reshipped the packages early February, but I haven’t received those either. Both times they’ve shipped to me, they gave me a tracking number that says “Status Not Available” when I look it up on USPS.com. I was worried that maybe I wrote my address incorrectly, but I double-checked it and it’s definitely correct. I live in an Armed Forces Pacific address, but I’ve never had this much trouble receiving a package from any other company ever before. I had no problems receiving my LPU 14 stuff at this same address, so I have no idea what’s going on, but at this point, I almost worry they’re not gonna believe me if I tell them I still didn’t receive the package. Man, I really wanted that LPU scarf. :’( Anyone else having this extreme of an issue or have a possible solution for me? T.I.A!


The only reason I could imagine this would be happening is because it’s being shipped from a different company than it has been in the past few years, but even then, I don’t know why that should matter.

The tracking shouldn’t matter at this point, since it’s taken so long, but it’s still odd that it wouldn’t be working. I don’t claim to know much about how shipping works, but you live outside the U.S., right? If so, wouldn’t USPS not be the correct website to use to track the shipping, as it is the United States Postal Service? I could be just spouting nonsense, but I feel like I used the wrong site to check a tracking number recently myself thinking it was a different service


Wait a minute…I pre-ordered OML…it came with the lpu16 digital…where do I get my lpu stuffie? D:< (shakes @jFar920)


LPU 16 was shipped to me via a different carrier this year, not USPS as usual. I believe it was DHL if I remember correctly, so yeah, maybe look elsewhere for the tracking number? (which btw doesn’t update once the package leaves the US).


I live on a U.S. military base which is considered American soil, so USPS is still the proper carrier, or at least it should be. When they shipped it, they gave me the tracking number and said “USPS DHL GM Parcel Plus Expedited.” I’m assuming that’s still USPS. I’ve never heard of DHL, but I checked that site, too @evooba and it also came back with no results. As long as Fullscreen Direct, or whoever is shipping it, puts my address in exactly as I entered it, it should get to me without any problems. I would assume this company is knowledgeable in shipping because if they put “Japan” on my package anywhere at all, it would end up going to a random Japanese post office without my knowledge and essentially be lost forever…I hope that’s not happening. :confused: But again, you type in your shipping address for a reason, so there shouldn’t be “Japan” on there anywhere.


GUESS WHAT, GUYS!! MY PACKAGE FINALLY ARRIVED!!! :grin: AND I HAVE A SCARF!!! I’m so glad I had Fullscreen Direct reship the package to me because this was the second one they sent me. It was shipped on February 3 and didn’t get here until March 10. Craaazy! BUT, YAY!! IT’S HERE!! Now, I hope I get my beanie!!


I always reicive LPU stuff via DHL(and it’s really fast, packs get to my country in 7-8 days) dunno about LP store(no delivery from it here)


Really? I always did via USPS, this year was the first time it was delivered by DHL.


I remember buying stuff from other store that delivered via USPS. DHL is cheaper and faster


Hey guys

I’m having a bit of a problem with trying to validate my membership because the website isn’t taking my post code, and I need to buy tickets on Monday for the Manchester show in July. Does anyone know what can I do? :frowning:


i have the same problem with my LPU 16 code. It said that those are only working in the US(WTF)


LPU April Giveaway out now


Anybody in here wants to sell their hard copy LPU 16 CD? I have been looking through out on eBay and Discogs but no luck whatsoever :frowning:


I’d love to talk to the person who won the Golf Balls. I’d buy those up at a premium.


Don’t they usually announce the winner when the next one goes up?


They do but the name shown is a full name not a forum name. Tried looking the person up but didn’t get anything.


Yeah. I ordered the whole package with CD. I ended up finally getting the package with no CD…I didn’t get a refund for the CD or anything. :frowning: Honestly, I haven’t had the greatest service with Fullscreen Direct. I still haven’t received my LPU beanie that I purchased in December. I’ve been working with them since the end of January about it. :rolling_eyes:


Wow! This is so wrong! You must be really disappointed! You should file a complaint to LPU. I am really disappointed that they issue the CD as limited. I missed out on the CD and tracking them down on eBay and Discogs with no luck.


Im extremely interested in the code please