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As of December 8th, I fixed some stuff and made everything easier to read. This topic has been posted 3 times now, both times after the first due to forum glitches, so if you find the other ones somehow, this is the one that will be updated and watched.

Before getting into the actual “help”, there’s a few things I want to say:

  1. Before even thinking about doing anything with Tinychat’s Pro features, know that only moderators can use them on the LP Underground chat. If you want to use them off LPU chat, that’s up to you, but they will not work here.
  2. Unlike the forum, the chat is only for LP Underground members. Normal LinkinPark.com members cannot access it.
  3. While I think I know all there is to know about Tinychat (what LPU chat is powered by), I might have missed or forgot something, feel free to ask.

##Basic Chat Functions
All of what the chat can do.

Changing Your Username:
To change your chat username, go to http://lpunderground.com/account/avatar . This can be found under the “LPU” tab on the main site navigation, under “ACCOUNT”. From there, you can hover over your avatar and click “Edit”. When on that page, the box labeled “Display Name” is where you can change your username.

No matter what you type as your name, it will only show up lowercase on the chat, and without symbols. This is also the name used on the forum and blogs. If someone else already took the name, you can’t take it, too.

Changing Your Font Color:
When you enter the chat, you are assigned a random color. The colors you can pick from can be rotated by sending “/color” in the chat. To pick the specific color you want, click the in the top right corner of the chat, choose “Application settings”, and click the box next “Chat color” and pick the color you want.

Smilies / Emoji:
There are only 9 chat smilies, and they are the following:
The codes for them are: :) :( :P :D :O ;) 8) :| :S

Private Messages and Ignoring:
To send a private message you need to be logged into http://tinychat.com/ . If you don’t have an account, they are free to make. If you already entered chat, reload after logging in.

When logged in and on chat, all you need to do is click their name on the side of the online user list, and choose “Private message”. To get back to chat from private messages, click the above the chat area, and to get back to private messages, click the .

To ignore someone, click their name, then choose “Ignore”. Ignoring will stop their messages from showing up in chat, but they will be able to see what you say still. You can unignore someone the same way, but by clicking “Unignore”.

If, for any reason, you don’t want people sending you private messages, click the in the top right corner of chat, select “Application settings”, and uncheck “Receive PMs”.

The “Report” and “Profile” buttons are both part of Tinychat, and are not linked to LP Underground. If you want to report someone, contact LPU Headquarters at LPUHQ@lpunderground.com . If you want to find someone’s profile, go to http://linkinpark.com/users (which can also be found through the Community HUB) and search their username.

UP or DOWN: This will cycle through the messages you sent through chat in order, and they will show up in your message box.

TAB: This will randomly cycle though people online in chat so you can a message directed at them, but private messaging is probably easier.

Sending “/color”: This will cycle message colors that you can use.

Sending “/ignore [name]” or “/unignore [name]”: This will ignore or unignore someone you don’t want to see messages from. You replace “[name]” with the username of the person you want to ignore.

Broadcasting Your Webcam:
To start broadcasting your webcam to others in the chat, click . Once the popup appears, pick the webcam you want (if you have multiple), or just choose “Microphone Only”, then hit “Continue”. Then, pick the microphone you want to use (again, if you have multiple) or “Camera Only”. Finally, select your “Microphone Mode”. Selecting “Push-To-Talk” will require you to press a button every time you want your sound broadcasted, selecting “Open Microphone” will have your microphone sound broadcasted at all times.

Tinychat requires that you pick a microphone if you didn’t pick a webcam, and the other way around. When you are ready, hit “Finish”. To stop broadcasting, click in the top left corner, where the “Start Broadcasting” button once was.

Hiding or Muting a Webcam:
To hide or mute someone’s webcam, hover over the webcam you want to perform the action on, and click . You are now given a list of actions to perform on either the webcam or the user, including changing the volume of the webcam’s sound, or just hiding it completely.

The “Report” and “Profile” buttons are both part of Tinychat, and are not linked to LP Underground. If you want to report someone, contact LPU Headquarters at LPUHQ@lpunderground.com . If you want to find someone’s profile, go to http://linkinpark.com/users (which can also be found through the Community HUB) and search their username.

Notifications and Sounds:
Notifications are the messages in black that show up whenever someone enters the chat, leaves the chat, changes their username, and other various non-conversational messages. Sounds are the “pop” noises you hear whenever someone sends a message in chat. Below the text box there are two checkboxes that toggle both of these on and off. Unchecking “Notifications” will turn all the notifications off, which is nice during band chats when there’s hundreds of people coming in. Unchecking “Sounds” will only disable the pop noises, and not sounds made by people’s webcams. You can adjust the chat’s overall sound by hovering over the next to the user list on the side of chat, or completely muting everything by clicking it.

Chat Layout Change:
This is something that isn’t really used that often, but I think is a nice feature to use for band chats when they are on the webcams. Right above the online users list on the side of chat, to the right of the number online, there is an arrow pointing to the right. Clicking this puts the webcams on the left side of chat, makes them bigger, and puts the actual chat, online user list, and private messages, on the right. To undo this, click the arrow pointing down in the same place the previous arrow was.

Clicking on takes a picture of everyone on the webcams. This will also post a message to chat that you pressed it, along with a link to the picture. The button will only show up if there is someone on the webcam.

Spamming, Flooding, and Links:
Tinychat stops you from sending messages if you try to post three or more messages really quickly, or post too many links in a row. You will see a red message that says “Please don’t spam/flood the chat.”. Just wait a few seconds and you should be able to chat again.

You might get a message when you click a link saying it might be unsafe. It says this for every link, so most will be safe, but be careful what you click.

Moderators are on LP Underground to keep everything safe and make people follow the rules. If you are in chat and not following the rules, they can ban you for a certain amount of time. Usually moderators have a star by their name, but might come to chat without it sometimes. For example:

Playing Songs and Videos:
You can only play YouTube videos and Soundcloud music if you are a moderator of the chat. If you don’t want to see or hear them, click the in the top right corner of the chat, click “Application settings”, and uncheck “Play YouTube videos”.

While it only says YouTube videos in the settings, it applies to Soundcloud, as well.

Problems and issues you might come across.

Numbers After Username:
If for some reason you disconnect from chat, because of Internet or Tinychat messing up, it might not think you left chat and keep your name in it. Because of this, when you return, it will add a number after your name because there cannot be the same name in chat more than once. This ghost version of you will leave in around 15-20 minutes.

This might also happen if you open the chat somewhere else when having it open already.

Facebook Bar:
If you have the Facebook bar on the top of your chat (or below the cameras), that means you connected Tinychat to Facebook at some time in the past and you are logged into Facebook right now. If you logout of Facebook before coming to chat, it won’t show up. You can log into Facebook after you enter chat.

An easier method is to click the in the top right of chat, click “Application settings”, and uncheck “Show horizontal Facebook list”.

To permanently remove this Facebook bar, go to your http://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications , find “Tinychat”, clicking the X on the right of it, and hitting remove.

Can’t Enter Chat:
If you can’t enter the chat, something might be wrong with your Internet connection. If this is happening repeatedly (you are leaving and entering over and over), there is nothing you can do to fix this besides waiting it out. If you can’t enter at all, go to your Internet router, and turn it off for 10 seconds, then turn it back on. Do NOT use the reset button if there is one, this will reset the Internet settings and will take a ton of work to fix. You are doing this at your own risk.

If even this doesn’t work, most people go to the Unofficial Backup Chatroom, the real chatroom might be down.


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