LP Underground Redeem Code


I Recently bought my last album for my collection of every album, But i got this Redeem code for a 30 day free trail but if i look up the link it doesnt exist? Anyone ccan help it would be great


Maybe cause you are already a member or because it expired?


The site was going through a platform migration just today and it might be a glitch but if you got the code in a CD case it might just be expired. By link if you mean to the website then it won’t work because of what I just said if you mean the code, then it might be expired.

If it is the link then you have to go to the main LP site, log in and then dig around for a place to enter the code. I’m not telling you where it is because I have no clue and rather ironically it’s not under ‘my promo coded’. Sorry.

Predictably they made a hash of the transfer, but don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much. I used to have a trial and it didn’t even unlock all paid features and now with the new move the LPU only forum sections should be open to everyone.


It most likely is because of the platform change, and to be honest probably won’t be fixed. The code was probably expired anyways, or close to be. The Hunting Party is over two years old, so that’s the most recent the code is. Not sure what album your taking this from.

Edit: Thinking about it later on, it was just the code that was like “THPLPU13TRIAL” or something wasn’t it? That could probably be easily implemented, if it’s not already planned. I was thinking it was the random letters and numbers type.

But now, I’m curious if the LPU store discount codes will work. I never used mine


or…It tdepends which album you bought trials from the older albums have expiration date as @intheend wrote


Aw ;3 you remembered what I typed. (gives @Anngelenee a muffin)


Most likey you need to renew?