LP Underground XIV Bundle


Who buy the LPU Bundle??? Who are lucky???
“The first 500 people who purchase or renew their membership with a LPU XIV Bundle will receive a FREE LPU gift bag filled with archived LPU merchandise items.”


i hope i was one of the first 500 :wink:


I signed up within the first 10 minutes so I would be surprised if I wasn’t in the first 500


really, it’s a joke??? :open_mouth:


I might be in the first 500, I’ll find out on Dec. 9th when my package gets here :smile:


I hope for you (and me XD)


Just got the email saying mine will arrive on the 10th, I’m excited


I bought my bundle yesterday. I’m not sure if i was in the first 500 but I was pretty late so probably not.


I ordered mine directly the evening after it was released. I hope I’m one of the first 500, but I really don’t know. Also I didn’t get an email confirmation until now. Maybe it’s because I live in Germany? :confused: I want it so bad and RIGHT NOW. :smiley:


My Package is hier, so happy, have a nice day!!!