LP Vinly error made by Warner Bros Music


ok so I have heard that Warner have put out the record store day Album Road to Revolution has anyone got one of the albums that is the clean version because if you do it needs to be returned as Warner put out no info about it only heard mike talk about it in studio video on 25th of April if want a link here is one about this huge mistake Warner has Made https://twitter.com/LPLive/status/722089730637213700


I have one of them but I havent heard anything about taking it back to get the correct one


Yeah, the only acknowledgement of the error came from Mike in one of the Facebook live streams…there has been no word on any kind of a return/exchange program. Considering this vinyl was a Record Store Day exclusive and a very limited run, every copy of it in circulation is going to have the error, and I really doubt they’re going to do another entire run just because they stuck a PA sticker on the cover of a censored release by accident. You’re most likely stuck with what you’ve got.


@Astat from what I know Warner are aware of there mistake and the album was not supposed to be censored I guess Warner don’t like the fact people know about it because going to cost them a lot to put it right


Wouldn’t Warner just be making the original error versions more valuable by recalling them, if they were to do that? Not that it’s a bad thing, but I feel people wouldn’t return it for a new one just because of them being errors


So it seems they are actually replacing the error records, and you even get to keep to original: