LP vs. LP



And One vs Part Of Me


Part of me

Points of authority or faint



Wastelands vs. GATS


What is GATS?


Guilty all the same

I think


Its pretty well around a tie for me on both, but wastelands

Figure 0.9 vs Qwerty vs Victimized



By Myself vs Talking To Myself


Talking To Myself

Piano version:
Burn It Down vs Heavy.


Burn it down

Lies Greed Misery vs. War


Lies Greed Misery

Let’s try a song from each album :sunglasses:

Runaway vs Easier To Run vs No More Sorrow vs Blackout vs Powerless vs All For Nothing vs Sorry For Now


damn, got 2 of these on my skin :sweat_smile: and another one of these will follow

but I choose “Runaway” over No more Sorrow and Easier to run


Sorry, I forget the new round:

Qwerty vs. Points of Authority



Pushing me away vs All for nothing


Pushing Me Away, it was rather close.

War vs Victimized


I’d have to go with War.

Crawling vs One More Light - both from the One More Light Live Album



Lost in the Echo vs SOTD


SOTD, of course.

Brooding Vs Session.



Figure.09 vs. Wastelands


Of course, but had to ask :joy:

Figure 0.9

When They Come For Me vs Hands Held High


WTCFM what a question!

New Divide Vs. Iridescent