LP vs. LP



New Divide vs The Catalyst vs Burn it Down


The Catalyst

The Messenger vs. Roads Untraveled vs. Sharp Edges


The Messenger

The Messenger vs Iridescent


the messenger

Bleed it out vs. Burn it down vs. Castle of Glass


Castle of Glass

Crawling vs Somewhere I Belong vs What I’ve Done vs The Catalyst vs Lost in the Echo vs Guilty All The Same vs Nobody Can Save Me :sunglasses:


Nobody Can Save Me. Yeah, would have been difficult if you had not included my fav LP song… :wink:
Burning In The Skies vs In My Remains


Burning in the Skies

Easier to run vs. from the inside


Easier to Run

Bleed It Out Vs Breaking The Habit Vs Castle of Glass Vs Iridescent


Breaking the habit (my #1 Song forever and ever :heart_eyes: )

Final Masquerade vs. Shadow of the Day


This is hard for me, my fav. song from HTP vs my fav 2nd fav song of MTM :thinking:

Shadow of the Day.

Victimized vs QWERTY vs Given Up.


damn, hard decision too, but

Given up

All for Nothing vs. Keys to the Kingdom


Easy one!


Reading My Eyes vs Announcement Service public.


Reading my eyes

With you vs figure 0.9 vs TLTGYA vs Blackout vs Roads Untraveled vs Mark the Graves vs Battle Symphony




Numb vs Iridescent.



What I’ve Done vs New Divide vs Somewhere I Belong


Somewhere I belong

When they come for me , a line in the sand


When They Come For Me

A Place For My Head vs All For Nothing


A Place For My Head

The Messenger vs Valentine’s Day


The Messenger

Don’t stay vs. No more sorrow


Don’t Stay

In Pieces vs Blackout