LP vs. LP


Cup of noodles, of course.

With you (reanimation version [live]) vs crawling (RTR version)


Crawling RTR

Skin to Bone vs jornada del muerto


Skin to Bone.

the secret song that brad plays with the drums in the making of Meteora vs easier to run.


Brad and drums? I lost this, can you please send the link? I love listening to hidden songs :heart_eyes:



Its fan made the real version has lower beat go watch the making of Meteora.


Ah I knew it then, I downloaded the fan made version not much time ago.
Of course I choose Unreleased Project, I love these unreleased songs


The fan made version the extended version is the best!


Yeah :heart_eyes: so well done!



Thoughts That Take Away My Pride or Be Yourself?


Be yourself ! (maybe because it’s more complete? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Back to basis :
High Voltage vs. Hit the floor


Hit the Floor ~

Nobody’s Listening vs Talking to Myself


Nobody’s listening

Qwerty vs Rebellion


Rebellion I think

Blackout vs. Bleed it out


Bleed it out.

Roads Untraveled or No Roads Left.


Roads untraveled
Given up vs Papercut


Given up :two_hearts::metal:

One more light vs. Lost in the echo



Step up vs. High Voltage


High Voltage

Crawling vs. No more sorrow


No More Sorrow

Sharp Edges vs Invisible