LP vs. LP


Breaking The Habit (Chester vocals) --> best song on the planet

WFTE vs. New Divide


I’d say New Divide

Powerless vs tinfoil.



Runaway vs. PoA



Not Alone vs Invisible



Powerless vs From The Inside


From The Inside

Numb Piano Version vs Shadow Of The Day


Aaaarghhhh… SOTD :thinking:

Where’d You Go vs. Lost in the Echo


Lost In The Echo

Morning After (Dead By Sunrise) vs. Believe Me (Fort Minor)


It’s a close call but I would choose Believe Me.

Running from my Shadow vs Remember the Name


RFMS :heart_eyes:

Victimized vs. A place for my head


This is so difficult! I think A Place For My Head, I have known it for a long time

Be Yourself vs Pictureboard

Alright guys just joking! Pictureboard is so hidden that not even FBI could find it and Be Yourself is not a 100% song so let’s take other songs: Hardly Breathe vs. Fear


Ahah I was lost I didn’t find Pictuboard :joy::joy: Was like “I missed something, noooo !”
But well… Hardly Breathe I think.

What we don’t know vs. Across the Line



With you vs. by myself


With You

Given Up vs Faint

(Bonus: Live in Texas vs Road To Revolution)



Live in Texas Faint vs. Road to Revolution Given Up

Given up

My December vs. Powerless



From the Inside vs. A place for my head



Mark the graves vs. In my remains


In My Remains
Across the Line vs What I’ve Done


What I’ve done

Nobody Can save me vs. Battle Symphony


Nobody Can Save Me

I’Ll Be Gone Vs Bleed It Out