LP vs. LP


Bleed it Out <3

Shadow of the Day vs. Leave out all the Rest



Heavier side of LP…



piano version match:
Numb vs in the end.


In The End

Always piano version:
Burn It Down vs. Crawling


Only the piano? Then Crawling.

Voice/Melody/singing. (Mike)

No Road Left vs Invisible.


No Roads Left, I recently listened to it recently and I forgot how brilliant that song is


Guess I’ll restart this thang!

Best intro song…

Lost in the echo
Keys to the kingdom
Nobody can save me


Easily Papercut.

2dn place: LITE
3rd one: NCSM.

:thinking: Final Masquerade vs Iridescent.


Final Masquerade

War vs. Victimized



TLTGYA vs Pushing Me Away (Piano version)



No More Sorrow RTR vs Victimized/Qwerty


No More Sorrow (RTR)

Lying From You (RTR) vs Lying From You (Live in Texas)


Cheeky devil :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Live in Texas

Crawling (Live in Texas) vs. Crawling (RTR)


RTR of course.

Numb vs In The End


whaaaaat RTR Crawling over Live in Texas? :scream:

Damn, at the moment I prefere “In the end”.

Given up (Rock am Ring 2007 --> 17 Seconds Livescream) vs. Given up (RTR)


Yes, it’s a bit better imo.

17 sec.

Cure for the itch vs Technique.


Cure For The Itch

White Noise Vs The Last Line (both from the Mall soundtrack)


The Last Line :wink:

Brooding vs Wake vs Session.



Robot Boy vs Battle Symphony vs I’ll Be Gone



Numb (OML) vs. Numb (Live in Texas) vs. Numb (RTR)