LP vs. LP


Too easy! Numb RTR.

Blackbirds vs She Couldn’t.



Faint vs Given Up vs SIB


Argh… Given Up I think :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Crawling (acoustic) vs. Breaking the Habit (Live Earth Japan 2007 show)



Pushing me away (live in texas) vs. Pushing me away (RTR)


I CAN’T CHOOSE ! They’re both so great live shows… Maybe… Live in Texas because the beginning is awesome but that hurts :joy::broken_heart:

A place for my head (Like in Texas) vs. A place for my head (Rock am Ring 2004)
Good luck.


That piano version from RTR is soooo :disappointed_relieved::metal:t2: but I love them both too

APFMH LIT, cause 2004 the german guy on stage just f*cked up, like i would’ve did too :rofl:


@HakManLP your turn to put songs :slightly_smiling_face:



Waiting for the end vs. The Messenger


Waiting for the end!!

Faint vs crawling



From the inside vs. By Myself


By myself

A Light That Never Comes vs One More Light


One More Light

Papercut vs. OSC



New Divide vs What I’ve Done


What I’ve Done.

Valentine’s Day vs Where’d you go?


Valentine’s Day :gift_heart:
Petrified vs. I.O.U. (not LP but I want to hear more about it)



Crossed the Line or Crossing A Line


Crossing that line :wink:




Hold it together

Nobody can save me vs Make it up as I go


Nobody Can Save Me

Over Again vs Watching As I Fall


Over Again.

Ghost vs Sharp Edges.