LP vs. LP


Ghost I think :thinking:

Give me your name vs. Little Things Give You Away (I personally can’t choose that’s out of my mind :joy:)


A bit hard, but TLTGYA.

Until It’s Gone vs Final Masquerade.


Final Masquerade

In my Remains vs. I’ll be gone


I’ll Be Gone.

Crawling vs One Step Closer.


Thats a hard one…
I might have to go with One Step Closer

Lost In The Echo Vs Runaway


Lost in the Echo :heart:

A-Six vs. Stick 'n Move



Faint VS Breaking The Habit.



PoA vs. Forgotten



my mood of the day :
Leave out all the rest vs. shadow of the day



Easier to run vs. from the inside


From the inside

Good Goodbye vs. A light that never comes


Mhhh… A Light That Never Comes?

Wretches And Kings vs. Keys To Kingdom


Wretches and Kings

Robot Boy vs Roads Untraveled


Roads untraveled

And One vs. Dedicated


And One

The Messenger vs. The Catalyst


The Messenger

Papercut vs SIB



Until its gone vs Until it Braeks


Until its gone

New Divide vs. Iridescent


New Divide

Burn it down vs. Castle of Class


Castle of Glass

Numb vs Breaking The Habit vs LOATR