LP vs. NIN - Wish


My thoughts about that started as I listened to LPs cover of Wish ( which is a real great song ! ). As I always do, I looked at the comments, just to see other peoples opinions. Someone, a LP fan I guess ; ), wrote that this one beats NINs original out. I wanna make my own impressions, so I watched NIN. Again, had a look at the comments : And the NIN fans were fed up ! Some examples : ... Chester tries to sound like NIN - ridicoulus... , ... Without NIN this f... Chester wouldnt have a song to cover… , Fuck you LP fans, who are saying the cover is better… No serious comments at all ! I don`t want you to come down to this level and hate NIN fans ! This would be as childish and ridicoulus as their comments. I just wanted to have a serious discussion.


I don’t understand the fans sometimes. Doesn’t matter what band you’re a fan off, it is a new interpretation of a song. This doesn’t mean that LP wanted to “be better” than NIN, but they wanted to show that they really like the song and show their “appreciation” by covering the song.

By the way, I like the cover more. It somehow contains much more energy than the original and of course it is classic LP style - we all love it, I guess :wink:
But that doesn’t mean I dislike NIN’s original.


I guess, each band (even LP) has some fans, that I call extreme. They go: “My band is brilliant and all other suck”. They always see things through rose-colored glases. I mean, for sure as a fan I’am kinda partisan. And that’s ok. But that extreme people, don’t accept any criticism on their idols. You can’t discuss with them because, their opinion is graved in stone and they aren’t open for your words. I don’t like people with extreme attitudes at all.

Btw the NIN cover is great :slight_smile: I always love it, when LP covers other bands.


LP’s version is better, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a FANATIC :stuck_out_tongue:


i think lp’s version is better :slight_smile: but the original is very good too


I also think that LP’s version is better.


Well, i know LP since 2001 and i met NIN in 2006, i heard LPs cover before the real thing. and i loved it. BUT when i listened through all NIN songs and finally heard Wish, i realized that the original is so much better. You can hear the emotions behind the words everytime Trent (Reznor) sings it - i saw them live in 2009 - but when Chester sang it, the emotions were all gone, the industrial feel as well, he just sang it through in his nu-metal style (back then) and screamed more than Reznor, so of course the LP fans prefer the LP version cos it’s more rock-ish than Industrial. Since then NIN became my all-time favourite band, nothing can change that.
Wish has been covered by many artist, for example Dillinger Escape Plan or Silverstein…
I can say that the LP version is the best cover of the song, but NINs original will always be the best version there is.
And Trent Reznor wrote this song, his lyrics are the most memorable for me.
I love LP, but they can not write a song like this, and they never will… and don’t forget that NIN influenced LP in many ways, if there wasn’t NIN, there wouldn’t be an LP we know…


Linkin Park definately did it better, but that is true that they wouldnt have a song to cover. Not that they needed a song to cover anyway.


LP doing a NIN cover for me was HEAVEN.
LP is my fav band and NIN my 2nd fav.
I don’t think you can compare the songs though, Chester is a better screamer then Trent and I personally like the LP version more but everyone always hates so much on other bands -.- have you ever seen the comments on the DIOYY? vids? LP gave that band a boost by inviting them in their tour but DIOYY fans were hating big time… I don’t understand why you would hate an other band when your fav band loves them or when they get covered etc. :S

A cover is a sign of fandom. The band who covers, likes the other band and wants to cover it because they love it so much, not to improve it or whatever.


LP version is way better!


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My thoughts on the song, is i think it works better for Linkin Park. I really think Linkin Park should buy the rights to the song, Cause they play it so much better. Chester i feel really owns the song every time he did sing it. I can’t tell you how much to this day, I wish Linkin Park would breakout “Wish” at a live concert. But hey it’s NIN song, so o well. I respect NIN but i can’t stand their fans. Just saying.


As i said you think NIN does it better check this fucking video

Chester really gets into the song. Love LP’s version.


I like both versions, but yeah, the NIN Version from Broken is way better.


I like them both.
maybe the NIN fans are in love with the original because its NIN which is why they don’t want to give LP a chance. Oh and yeah those people that do say that LP is better are just being jerks because nobody can be better at a song than the original band. But if i had to pick I would pick Linkin Park, just because it’s Linkin Park.


When I first came across the cover I went and tracked down the original. Having not been acquainted with Nine Inch Nails I took same stance as most on here. However, later on when I grew more familiar with Trent’s work I came to appreciate the original for the masterpiece that it is. I can only imagine that it LP feels the same and that’s why they chose to cover it. I like the cover, but the original (especially live) is much better.


Well I’m in the minority, and maybe it’s just because I am probably older than a lot of you and have listened to NIN for a lot longer, but I definitely like the original version best.

I’ve been a big NIN fan a lot longer than a LP fan. I’ve been a fan of NIN since Pretty Hate Machine came out in 1989! (Holy crap, that was a long time ago, I feel old!) LP is my #1 band now, but NIN was #1 for a long time prior to that and Wish is one of my favorite songs ever. My opinion is I don’t think anyone could truly out-do Trent on this one, but LP did a great job.


The only thing that bothers me about it is that they censored it on the Underground 4 CD >:l


It’s a really badass cover.
For me better than the original version.


Every band has its fanboys and fangirls. On the U2 subscriber forum, there was this guy who came along and slammed every other band saying that they’d never be on the same level as U2. That’s the kind of madness you get sometimes.

In all honesty, I thought the NIN original was better. I must admit Linkin Park don’t really do much with their covers - basically just playing the original as it is. I also refer to their cover of My Own Summer by Deftones. Good songs, they perform the covers well, but don’t really do anything different with the song, other than singing in a different style. There’s a reason I preferred Hendrix’s version of All Along the Watchtower to the original - it was completely different and changed from the original. I love it when an artist takes another artist’s song and puts a completely different spin on it, that’s when covers stop being good and start being great.


But that said, I will admit that I thought mashing up The Beastie Boys’ Sabotage with Bleed It Out was superb.