Lp won ama for best alternative!




I know! I just saw the news about 5 mins ago. Its a good feeling to see the music industry still offers up awards to those that actaully put out legit work and effort.


And the best part is LP Underground got a shout out from the band. Sweet :3


yeah… \m/ they truly deserved it,…


Here is the video of LP accepting the award: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP_Y6virIaU

Where is Joe?

Why is Pheonix carrying a shoulder bag?


I’m so happy they won! Well deserved and it was awesome that mike gave a shout out to the Lpu! Their performance rocked too and it was so cool seeing Gwen, usher and Swiss beatz getting into their performance! Yea LP!!


Here is LP’s performance of BID: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2CyKoy82mg

Joe mucked up the ending again.


LOVE IT!! Congrats boys & thanks for the LPU shoutout Mike :smiley: we love you!


Mike thanking LPU, because we’re the best fans in the world…


I woke up like 15 minutes ago and saw that they won…Totally made my day :slight_smile:


Amazing!! Glad LP gets recognized for their contribution to the music industry. Sure all their fans made sure of it too… So,glad!! They definitely deserved it! Congrats guys!!


Deserved winner! I was delighted therefore and also that Mike has specially mentioned the LPU members [biggrin]


congrats to LP!


They totally deserved it!! They’re awesome!!


Yeah, so happy we won! :smiley: CONGRATS LP!!!


Why is Pheonix carrying a shoulder bag? Good question.

Congratulations to LP and all of us, we’re the best fans in the world. xD


Congrats to our guys, they deserve the award!


So proud to be a member of LPU! Was awesome last night! So glad they won!


I’m so glad they won it, LP totally deserves this award.
Also very nice speech, remembered me of their Grammy speech, so relaxed and happy [smile]


his shoulder bag was full of awesomeness haha they def deserved it over anyone else! im glad they won! did anyone else think chestter sounded a little sick? if so, i hope he gets better!