LP7 - After "The Hunting Party"


So, let’s talk about our thoughts on Linkin Park’s NEXT and 7th studio album, which will be probably released around 2016 (?). What do you expect it to sound like? Let’s discuss about it! Can’t wait to read what you expect Linkin Park to do next!


I have no clue what they might go for next. Everything they do seems like a surprise now and they rarely stick to one idea for long. I wouldn’t mind more of a Living Things type of album

Maybe they could try a decent remix album again in the future, that isn’t Lead Single the Album featuring the Electronic Genre

See what tomorrow brings

I think after “Recharged” was definetly a flop they won’t risk another EDM-remix-album in near future.


The latest releases were kind of expectable for me:

Living Things: they chose a certain path with M2M and after ATS I was sure that the next “station” would be something like LT. Radio-friendly and includes a bunch of elements of their past work
Recharged: just another step into the EDM direction. If “Recharged” wasn’t a remix album I would have expected LP to do this kind of music on their sixth record
The Hunting Party: I will not say that this wasn’t a surprise, but after Recharged I just felt like I wanted something else, I was hungry for heavier music and this exactly what happend

But NOW I have no idea what they will go for with their next album! I could imagine that they’ll keep doing guitar/drum-driven music but in another style. I could also see them doing some ballads or ATS-esque songs again…but let’s see what you guys think about it!


i’d love an album to bring us some nice heavy stuff along with a couple calmer, songs. basically something in the vain of Meteora and Minutes To Midnight! maybe a couple of the short, talking / inspirational tracks that A Thousand Suns had, i know a lot of people were against those but as long as they don’t take up space on a record (write a 11 or so song record THEN put talking tracks in, not just fit them into the existing record) i’d love for them to do that!

yes, The Hunting Party was definitely a step back in the right direction but personally for me their still wasn’t enough “heavy”, still a brilliant record though!


Something between Meteora and Minutes To Midnight whould be epic. because Meteora where just epic and MTM had LP experiment with other styles but still used real instruments( drums, guitar, keyboard, bass) and also those albums had amazing background music and brilliant compositions or something, not sure how to say it. I whould be glad to everything LP makes either way but that whould be epic!!! another thing is that they could make their music in the way their demos on the LPU CD’s are! that whould be just awsome!!


LP always come up with something different and surprise us with each release. After ATS was released (their most creative album so far IMO) I wondered what they could possibly do next. Then LT happened and then THP! I am again at that point where I am wondering what they could do next. Then answer: No idea! That’s one of the things that keep LP in the game. Diversity.

If I had to predict what they will do next I would say it will just be a mixture of everything. With each song sounding different to the last (something else they have always done). What ever it is they do, I can’t wait to listen to it and I can’t wait for them to tour it so I can be front row again!


What do you think about THIS:

-an album which includes elements from the past 6 albums (like Living Things, but including the heavy sound of The Hutning Party)
-it’s a concept album and sounds like one song as A Thousand Suns
-the album has a memorable signature sound like Minutes to Midnight
-the album starts with an epic instrumental song (à la The Requiem) and starts with 1/2 real ballads (à la Iridescent or Shadow Of The Day) followed by some power ballads (like Final Masquerade or Until It’s Gone). After that you can find 1/2 rock songs (on the level of What I’ve Done and Numb) followed by 1/2 experimental songs (f.e. When they Come For Me). After the “unknown” in the experimental part, the album delivers 1/2 nu-metal/back-to-the-roots songs (Wastelands was also one) and then at the end there are some QWERTYs and Given Ups to end the album. -> the album will get heavier and heavier to the end and explodes in the last 2 songs!
-the lyrics are on Living Things-level
-rap is included in some of the songs
-Joe scratches again

I think that would be a BEAST of an album. I know that there isn’t much of a new direction, but LP could take all their experiences and make the best out of it! Every fan would have something he loves about the record!

It could look like this:

01 Epic interlude
02 Ballad
02 Ballad 2
03 Power Ballad
04 Power Ballad 2
05 Rock Song
06 Rock Song 2
07 Experimental Song
08 Experimental Song 2
09 Nu-Metal Song
10 nu-Metal-Song 2
11 Balls-to-the-wall-song
12 Balls-to-the-wall-song 2

What do you think?


You really never know what to expect from them. They could say that it will sounds like a certain sound but change it in an instant.