LPF Underground


Hey Guys,
Since 2010 every year @ December 1, Our website (www.linkinpark-fans.com) release an unofficial album called “LPF Underground” - Linkin Park Fans Underground. our goal to release this album every year, kinda support Linkin Park and say thanks and dedicate to them. the album contains 10 songs from best linkin park’s performances. we released LPFU 1.0 @ 2010 and LPFU 2.0 @ 2011 and will release third album for this december. i want you to support this albums to improve and make it international. anybody want to support us? like share, promote, and etc…

LP dedicated LPU to us, We want dedicate an album to LP!

previous albums:

LPFU 1.0 Track list:

  1. The Requiem - Live
  2. Wretches And Kings - Live
  3. Empty Spaces / When They Come For Me - Live
  4. Numb/ The Radiance - Live
  5. FallOut - Live
  6. The Catalyst - Live
  7. Bleed It Out / A Place For My Head - Live

LPFU 2.0 Track list:

  1. Cure For The Itch (A Thousand Suns Tour Version)
  2. Papercut (Live)
  3. New Divide (With Intro)
  4. Faint (Live)
  5. Lying From You (Live)
  6. From The Inside (With Intro)
  7. Jornada Del Muerto / Waiting For The End (Live)
  8. Blackout (Live)
  9. One Step Closer (Live)
  10. Iridescent (Live)
  11. Bleed It Out/ No Roads Left / A Place For My Head (Live)

and lpuf 3.0 coming this december!
forgot to say, we released these albums even on Disk in our country!

if you interested, reply!


Dayyyuum, this is so good! What country are we talking about here? And whaddaya plan on adding this time around? Personally I think the Waiting For The End/Apache with the extended intro version of Lost In The Echo is a MUST!


‘11 Bleed It Out//No Roads Left//A Place For My Head (Live)’



in norway, germany and iran

temporary for this year:

  1. A Place For My Head (Live)
  2. With You (Live)
  3. Somewhere I Belong (Live)
  4. In My Remains (Live)
  5. Victimized - Qwerty (Live)
  6. Lies Greed Misery (Live)
  7. LOATR - SOTD - Iridescent (Live)
  8. Lost In The Echo (Live)
  9. Burn It Down (Live)
  10. Bleed It Out - Sabotage (Live)



Looks awesome !!!


i dont remember where i saw this at but i have seen this before