LPHQ chat ( title must t least strange alerts***)


god, I missed it, or is it still taking place? When it´s over, then I´m soooo over, but that´s the same thing everytime, setting wrong priorities…I forgot it, lost in some ecchos, there are so many right now, but guys, tell me, was it cool? :flushed:


I have no idea, I wasn’t at this chat either :smile:


HOLY S*****, they had a chat today announced with beautiful Lulu and helpfull Lorenzo, I missed it cause of beeing shopping with my mum for her birthdays present, and I came back to late to join in, they announced it on the HQsite


It wasn’t even a band chat, so no big deal :wink: I haven’t been on any of important chats lately, highly doubt we’re missing anything “cool”.


Hey I haven’t seen that square smiley before :neutral_face:

So did you succeed with the shopping, @The_early_walker? Happy birthday to your mom! :gift: :sparkles: :tada: :grinning:


I missed it, too. Seems like nothing newsworthy was said, as other people would have said something, but I still wish I could have made it just to hang out

Also, what is with all the odd smiles lately?


Apparently emoticons changed or are changing? Maybe it has to do with the forum update from a few days ago.