#LPRecharge, My First 10 Minutes (Plus Some Review & Additional Tips)


LP Recharge
September 12, 2013

First and foremost, prepare for goosebumps the second you hear musical scoring that quickly identifies the urgency that Linkin Park has for humanity.

But this time, it’s different. This time you can be a part of all of it. Obviously, it isn’t like those Facebook poker apps you spend a few hours on, and regret wasting for the rest of the week.

This time you get to play as much as you want, without feeling guilty.

This time you can be a part of philanthropy.

How often do we listen to LP songs (top of my head right now: Hands Held High),
and not have an outlet? Sure we’ve sang, rapped, watched the videos more than a hundred thousand times, and more often than not - nothing beyond that. Unless we’ve gone to Haiti and done humanitarian things with MFR or any other organization, most of us have been stuck at home with a prayer. It can feel so limiting at times.
I’ll say it again: this time, you can translate that musical inspiration into action.

This is what fans like you and me have been waiting for, and frankly, something that the world has been waiting for from our generation.

The world may have bashed us all for playing too much videogames or listening to songs all day, but hey, this time we’re changing the world.


  1. Free up memory in your computer, since you might have to download additional plug-ins
  2. Before you load any part of the actual game, invite your friends and receive Crystals when they accept, (or else you’ll end up loading the entire game without being able to start it.)
  3. Start playing NOW while there isn’t much traffic, you can still climb up the high scores, ha

…I haven’t even began playing. So don’t take my word for it. Try it, enjoy yourself, and #PowerTheWorld.


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I am playing the game and it is awesome ! Score is growing fast and soon we gonna reach the target !