LP's charity work and ideas


Hey im pretty much new to this site, but i’m a huge fan and have been since they have started, iv followed the charity work that they have done and i’ve been to a couple of gigs, i went to the gig in manchester last night and i thought it was amazing, the light shows, how they interacted with the crowd, everything was awesome!
but all that aside, at the start when i watched the video about kids in third world countries that have no power, it got me thinking about not just donating but working to help find other solutions, i don’t know whether this will appeal to anyone or whatever but i’m a mechanical engineer (recently qualified) and i’m working on ideas to try and help generate power, the engineering company i work for fixes up power stations around the UK and abroad so i have an understanding in the power industry, i’m working on ideas and inventions at the moment to help generate power, so i was thinking of maybe getting a group together to help do this…that is if anyones interested?