Lptv lpu13


Don’t know if it’s just me and my inability to find it but is there or is there not a whole new bunch of LPTV episodes for LPU13? Because I will cry if not, but I doubt it, please help me???


Appositely! Somehow new episodes LPTV or LPUTV do not downloads on LP Underground site…


New LPU-TV episodes are generally released every few months, or every few weeks, depending on the band’s schedule (like, for example, if they’re on the road, then they’ll typically release more episodes).

Last year, with the launch of LPU12, it took a good few months for the first episode to appear (though, to their credit, I think there were errors still with the site)

Give it time, you’ll soon start to see one or two appear


We shall hope that and will be))
A that new episodes already have, on the site no))[smile][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin]