Lpu 11 package backordered?


I buy the LPU PLUS pass (the 60’s one) on 10/10/12.

Was a long time in status "READY"
After that "Processing"
and now “BACKORDERED??”

Whats thats means??

I pay and i dont get anything?


HI, Can you message me with your order number?


What’s going on with LPU11 package, backordered… Any informations about this?

I ordered since 11/13/12


In my case it said “Ready” and now it says “preordered” :frowning:


I assume you meant LPU12 Package?

I am experiecing the same situation so I emailed ground control support and got this reply

ground(ctrl) customer support, Jan 03 12:41 pm (PST):
Thank you for contacting ground(ctrl) support.
I have looked at the details for the order GC0901-112412-K8LV868 and the reason why it is still “Ready,” is because our warehouse has still not received all of the items in this package by the manufacturer. Once we receive all items, your package will take priority.
We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you have a great day!
ground(ctrl) Support

I accepted this for now but am puzzled to why items are out of stock already - High demand?