LPU 12 favourite songs?


After listening to the new amazing LPU album for the past couple of days I would have to say that my top 3 favourites would have to be (in no particular order) Homecoming, Asbestos, and Pepper.

What do you think of the new album and what songs do you like off it?


I like them all but Asbestos is the number one :wink:


“Ominous” [smile]

  1. Asbestos
  2. Debris
  3. Homecoming


Asbestos and Debris


Asbestos, Debris and Pepper


Abestos and Debris too!
And is always good listen a demo of Points of Authority and Forgotten.


hear it now:=)

So Far Away and Homecoming


Asbestos and Debris.

  1. Pepper
  2. Debris
  3. Ominous


Asbestos, Pepper, Debris


Debris and Asbestos!


Still waiting for my cd but from what i found on yt i would say debris (sorry for being impatient but waiting til i get in germany is not an option)


Forgotten (Demo). I really love this song and to see how it was as a demo and how the lyrics (and their voices, a bit) changed is SO amazing.


Most definitely ‘‘So Far Away’’ Mike is beast.


Asbestos, Pepper and Homecoming :smiley:


Without a doubt, my favorite track is Debris.
I love it when Linkin Park put almost finished tracks with vocals on the LPU CDs, especially this one. It sound really ‘anthem’-y with the group vocals in the chorus and what sounds like stomps / claps in the verses. It’s such a big song and it really gets the head bumping haha. The lyrics are really good as well, especially considering that they’re only demo lyrics.
I also really like Asbestos just because of those really grunge-y guitars and Mike’s rap is really catchy. The guitar line kinda makes me think about Given Up back with a vengeance.
So Far Away would probably come in third for me. It doesn’t sound like anything that they’ve released from that era. Chester’s vocals in the chorus are similar to the P5HNG ME AW*Y chorus which I really like. Mike’s vocals are half singing / half rapping. It’s pretty sweet.

Overall, the whole CD is really good. Mike did well in choosing which demos went into this CD. It’s obvious to see why each song had been taken away from each album because they don’t fit in the same way that the album tracks do however there is some really stunning material that didn’t make the albums and it’s also cool hearing how some songs began and how far they’ve come since their original demos.


No Order

So Far Away


Hi Soldiers :slight_smile: The “LPU12” is simply awesome, I like very much. After listening all songs, my “Top 3” is:

1-Debris (Love the part sung as chorus. And the Mike’s rapping is amazing. Beautiful song)
2-Asbestos (Because it reminds me the guitar of “Given Up” together to the “rap” of “Victimized”)
3-Ominous (It would have been a great song. The instrumental is very, very good)


Asbestos and Debris