Lpu 12


I subscribe for the LPU 12 last month and I still waiting for the pack.
It’s normal ?
How long do you wait for receive you pack ?


I waited 8 weeks about the pack.


Check to see when your package shipped. If it says “fulfilled” it means it shipped so calculate about 8-10 weeks (in many cases a lot more) for your package to arrive.


3 weeks to Germany :).


4 weeks to Argentina =)


My package arrived on dec 27 and I got it today. And TAXES FREE, so happy about it. It’s awesome!

And I don’t know… try to relax and everything. When you least expect, it’s at your door.


Is anyone aware of the progress of LPU package shipping? I ordered LPU 12 in November, but I have not received it yet. I think I need some helps here.
Thanks for any help!


First of all, check the forum before posting next time cause there’s a thread with the same topic already. And second of all, just be patient. It can take from 8 to 10 weeks for your packages to arrive and in many cases way more. Just hang in there, you’ll get it sooner or later.
Also, check when your package was shipped, it doesn’t mean it shipped the day you ordered it. It may have shipped a month later.


I live in Australia and it can take anywhere between three and ten weeks to get here sometimes. Depends on things like Public Holidays, the country that you live in and the volume of stock the postal companies have coming through (with Christmas just passed, a lot of items have been in all postal systems I’m sure). If you think it’s been too long, it might be an idea to raise a query directly with Admin rergaring your order. There should be instructions in the shipping order that you would be able to follow, directing you who to contact :slight_smile: