LPU 14 & 15 T-shirts


Is there anyone who knows what brand makes tshirts for LPU? I mean 14 and 15; is that the same brand?
And I want to know another thing: Is LPU14 men’s M the same as LPU15 men’s M?
Was there big difference between men’s S and M year ago?

Lpu T-shirt sizes

I actually Tweeted Lorenzo asking (mostly) the same question because the LPU shirts have been small on me since LPUX. They are the same as last year. I don’t know about the other stuff, though


Band merch is usually made by some over priced crap company that nobody has ever heard of so good luck getting an actual brand name.


Back in the day, LPU shirts used to be by DC (until 5 if I remember correctly) and the quality’s great! Mine are still like brand new. Compared to like 12, which was the worst ever, 14 was pretty decent so I expect 15 to be the same (not counting 13 since it was an Eco friendly jersey).


I think 6 and 7 were DC, also. I still fit into my LPU8 shirts (I’m not sure who made them) and I got them in middle school, and they’re L, the XL shirts from LPUX, 11, and 12 are too small for me though :confused:

I haven’t seen my 9 shirt in years now that I think about it…


They were indeed. I checked.

I fit into all of mine (since they’re baggy) but 3, 9 and X are my favorites so far.


If someone is interested, the brand is called ARACA and it’s the same brand as year ago + the same brand that’s doing LP merch.


Never heard of it.


They make a lot of merchandise, not only for LP - also for One Republic, for example.


Well that’s good that they’re the same as the general LP merch, because I had to make a Christmas list for family stuff and I didn’t know so I went with the same size as LPU to be safe


I’m also happy with that!