LPU 14 - i can't wait for my package


Hello guys
I want to ask all of u who have bought new LPU bundle?? I bought it and i’m so happy of it. I hope i’ll on of 500 people which will receive special gift or maybe 1 od 10 people which will have artwork. I’m waiting for my package. 2 weeks left i think. Say me ur opinion :wink: btw LPu 14 cd is amazing, BtH demo from 2002 where mike singing like girl is amazing too. i can’t wait more :smiley:


I ordered it :smiley: I’m so exited.


To me, it’s one of the lamest LPU packages ever. Nothing exciting, the art is ok (wrong choice of art and colors, in my opinion). The cd is what I’m looking forward to.


I love this year’s package so it was the first time I ordered the full 50$ package instead of the CD + membership only one. The CD is one of the best LPU CDs ever, would like to hear more vocals on it (Chester’s apperiance on LPUXIV is = 0 ) but I like how it works as an instrumental CD if you skip BTH Demo and Dave SBeat.


I buy tonight my LPU XIV Bundle, I’m so exciting… Be patience… Huppy up package!!!


I ordered the bundle too. Im pretty excited I hope it comes soon before the 12th when I go see them!! =P


i also ordered it :smile: i´m excited like a child before christmas :wink:


merry Xmas ^^ people!!!


I ordered too, and caan’t wait D: Didn’t even get the shipping confirmation. Are you from Germany? I think it takes even longer to send them and if they are finally sent we have to wait weeks more -.-


I was told that it may take up to Germany up to 2 months. a friend of mine works at the post. She told me that. but I have heard of a has even been waiting 6 months. I hope it does not last as long


i received my package after 1,5 month because i ordered it in 2 day of presale but 6 month isn’t possible i think that noone live on another world xD