LPU 14 Laminant Curiosity


I just purchased the LPU 14 Bundle package with the laminate and lanyard. What exactly is the laminate for this time? [I’m sure this has been answered before, but I thought I’d ask, myself]. Can anyone answer for me please? Do I call support and ask them [I’d rather not - I hate talking on the phone to random people]?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


See it as a your LPU membership ID.


You need it for early entry


Think of the laminate almost as a card key…it will open doors for you into events such as early entry, Meet & Greets & Summits where they(LPU coordinators like Lorenze & Lulu) then supply you with a special laminate for the event you’re attending once all expected LPU members have gathered(aside from their concert venue that is…which your LPU laminate will get you into as a recognized LPU member).