LPU 15 CD & Track by Track Discussion


I was going to just post this in one of the other topics, but since there’s going to be at least 6 of these probably, might as well make a topic about it. Spoilers most likely will be made, so make sure you watch it first before reading stuff. Listening to the songs probably is a good idea, too

  1. Animals (2011 Demo): http://linkinpark.com/media/videos/73903/84173

  2. Basil (2008 Demo): http://linkinpark.com/media/videos/73903/84533

  3. PODS (1998 Demos): http://linkinpark.com/media/videos/73903/84603

  4. Chance of Rain (2006 Demo): http://linkinpark.com/media/videos/73903/84653

  5. TooLeGit (2010 Demo): http://linkinpark.com/media/videos/73903/84293

Pretty interesting that this could have actually been a super early Roads Untraveled, that’s a huge change. I also wonder if all the track by tracks will be Mike, or if they’ll switch off. I’d be interested in either.

Grr 1999 Demo.....Not Impressed

Just watched the video. It is very interesting to know we have a very early Roads Untraveled demo. He lost me on the rapping part since I haven’t listened to it yet but it’ll be interestingto hear how different it actually is.

I’m hoping for Mike to do all of them because:
a) He’s the one that chooses the songs so he knows what’s up
b) He’s very good at explaining things, especially when it comes to music
c) He’s Mike.


Those are all good reasons, and I’m all for it, but I figured other members might have some influences in the songs that Mike doesn’t know about or remember, like vocals from Chester


Haha seems legit enough to be a reason


As much as Mike is like, the skittles in my unicorn poo… I would really like to see how other bandmembers experienced the process of certain songs as well.

LPU15 bi-monthly song downloads

Yeah, would be nice to see how the others think but as far as explaining goes, I’m sticking with Mike lol.

Also, thoughts of the preview of TooLeGit?


Sounds promising. I hope the song title is just a placeholder and doesn’t reflect the song, it probably doesn’t


Did you get this song? Because I didn’t.

+I hope for WAV/FLAC, not shitty 192kbps. We won’t get TooLeGit on CD, so we can’t rip it in good quality


I hope so, too, but I saw someone say the normal CD downloads weren’t, so that’s not a good sign


Haven’t gotten the new one yet either, I assume we’ll get it around 10am PST.


Where are we even getting it? Email?


I guess. Or it’s gonna be up in the discography section for download maybe (and we’ll most likely need a code or something to get it).


Yes, but CD content can be in bad quality since you can rip it from CD in better quality. Digital content should be in the highest available quality


That’s understandable if the CD and the downloads were one purchase, people who bought digital only don’t have the CD to rip


Yeah, but they can find higher quality on the web. Their problem. I don’t understand buying digital music at all…


The only advantage of digital music is that you can buy anything.


"download it for free on December 15th in the LPU Store."
So we won’t get this song on our e-mails, hah
But I’m still waiting. So excited for this song.


I’ve checked the whole site and it’s not up yet. We gotta wait till tomorrow I guess.


Kinda wish it was an “at midnight” thing, not just whenever during that day, that way people have a specific time to look for it. I searched the whole site at like 2am, too, hoping it would be up right away


I had hope to get it around the same time as my e-mail with preview (5:25AM). Yesterday I went to sleep with thoughts like “oh, I’ll wake up tomorrow and TooLeGit will be waiting for me!”